List of Medical School Question Banks

I've arrived into the question bank game pretty late, so if you're anything life I was, and haven't used question banks, here is a list of question banks I have come across:


Capsule was created by a team at Brighton and Sussex Medical School and is now available to all medical students for free. It uses 'multi-step' questions, meaning there are a sequence of questions all linked to one case.

Pros: Free, Multi-step questions

Cons: Maybe more suited to BSMS curriculum than to other medical schools


The classic, 'old faithful' question bank to many students, I had initially been put off using it due to the cost (£25 for 12 months)


Pastest is Passmedicine's mysterious cousin. Some people prefer it and it has questions for OSCEs and the SJT included.

BiteMedicine :

Bitemedicine also uses multi-step SBAs, which are useful for gaining knowledge on the different stages such as investigations and management.


Quesmed has a really comprehensive question bank with much shorter question stems.

BMJ OnExamination:

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